Entrusting to Jesus, Instead of Worrying

Windborn Church

When we do not worry and entrust our cares to Jesus, we are living out our trust in Him. As we have said of Matthew 6.19-24, we trust Him with our eternity why not trust Him with daily living?!? This entrusting will corresponding to experiencing Jesus as our Prince of Peace, the following is a re-post from last year on “The Rest of Saving Grace–A Way of Life”:

In Hebrews 4.1-13 the author speaks of entering into rest. There is great encouragement for us if we are experiencing Jesus grace: “Now we who have believe enter that rest” (vs. 3). The flow of though is careful to remind us to not let our hearts get hardened (vs. 7) as the Israelites did; thus they did not enter into God’s rest (vs. 6). So even though we currently have ‘rest’ we “make every effort to enter that rest” (vs.11)–rest becomes a way of life for us!

This thought of rest…

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