God is your Hope!


By Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc.

“Abraham, against hope – believed in hope.”

Romans 4:18

God spoke to Abraham in Genesis 15:5 and told him that his seed would be as the stars of heaven.  This seemed an impossible promise in the natural because Abraham was 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, was ninety.  Yet Abraham chose to believe God’s promise and hoped even though the situation looked hopeless.  He refused to limit God to the natural possibilities.  Paul, recounting this incident, said that when everything looked hopeless in the natural, Abraham believed anyway; “he hoped against hope.”

Abraham refused to consider the frailty of his own body that was a century old or to limit his faith because of what he could not do for himself.  Instead, he chose to focus on what God had promised and what God could do.  Because Abraham did not waver in unbelief, his faith grew stronger and increased.  He waited many years and went through some trying times but God’s promises to him eventually were fulfilled.  Through it all, he had continued to believe and hope when there was nothing tangible to hold on to.

Many of our life situations find us in this same place, a place of no hope.  In the natural, there is no way to fix the problems that we have encountered.  There is no medical solution for our healing, the restoration of our relationships is out of reach, and our financial circumstances are out of control.  There just seems to be no possible hope.  Yet, we are not to consider the negative circumstances or the doubts that plague our minds when they contradict God’s Word.  Instead, it is the time for our faith to arise and take hold of God’s Word, which makes a provision for every need that we will ever experience.  In Romans 15:13, Paul said that God could so fill you with joy and peace by the power of His Holy Spirit that you would overflow or just bubble over with hope.  If you want to have the Abraham kind of hope that hopes when there is no hope, look to God.  He is your hope and He will never fail you.





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