A Reason to Smile


Striving in Faith

Smiling dog

A Reason to Smile

When life gets too trying, and maybe a bit too touch.
You may feel down and out, like you’re just not good enough.

When life hands you thinks, that are beyond your control.
Remember that you’re a part of God’s plan, with your own important role.

When your heart grows weary, mourning for those you’ve lost.
Remember that they would want you to smile, to be happy at all cost.

Remember to keep on smiling, for all the wonderful things.
Smile for the trees and the birds, and for the songs that they sing.

Smile for all the little children, that little boy and little girl.
Because they are our treasures, the most precious in the world.

Smile for all your friends, the ones new and the ones old.
Because when you were lost in the dark, they gave you a hand to hold.

Smile for…

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