Make your days count


By Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc.

Psalms 90:12  “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”

These words were spoken by Moses in a prayer that he offered to the Lord.  He wanted every day of his life to count.  In the previous verses, he stated that man is only given seventy to eighty years to live.  Moses realized that regardless of his natural strength, human life is limited here on earth, so he asked the Lord to show him how to number his days so that he could use his days wisely.  This should also be our prayer and our goal.  We should endeavor to be good stewards over each moment that God has entrusted to us and filter out the things that devour our time.  For it is only as we spend our time wisely that we will be able to fulfill the purposes and plans that God has ordained for us.

When you visit those who are near death, most often they do not speak of their great accomplishments and successes.  As they see the end on the horizon, they speak of those things that they never got to do or the places they never got to see.  Their regrets are their unfulfilled dreams and the ventures never taken.  It is sad to think that many songs were never sung, many poems never shared, and many words never written.  They were buried deep in the hearts of those who died with a dream but who had never found the time or the courage to step out in faith and follow through with action.

Consider the following words by Marilyn Hickey:

“There are 1,440 opportunities every day to succeed.

That is how many minutes there are in each day.

I find that putting God first in my day

enables me to use my time wisely

and accomplish the goals that I have set.

It is He Who gives me

the wisdom to plan my day,

the intelligence to carry out each task,

and the energy to do it.

And then He gives me the joy

and satisfaction of achievement.”

Ask the Lord to help you number your days and make each one of the 1,440 minutes count and strive to finish your course with no regrets or unfulfilled wishes.

God has good plans for your life.

He can give you wisdom, intelligence, and energy to bring your dreams out of the forgotten past and make them realities of the present and the future.


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