3 Ways to Discover your True Self


Patrick Bridgeman


Here are some very effective tools for connecting in with your True Self in any moment of now. Practice them whenever. Find what works best for you.

  1. Perceive Without Resistance: Release any tension around your eyes, ears, jaw, lungs and body in general. Allow any sights, sounds and sensations to enter and pass through your awareness without any resistance. Don’t try to focus on anything in particular, or shut anything out, just let yourself be still and silent in the space that is here; unless there is a natural impulse to move your head or body in a certain way. Then, allow that too. Let your breath move in and out or pause without any effort to control it. Become gently aware of whatever you find yourself focusing on, both inside and outside of your body. Don’t analyse it, just observe it. Do this for as long as you can…

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