Let us be kind to one another

Dear God.

Help me remember there are people hurting today.
And they have far more on their minds than a long list of things to do.

When I bump into them at the grocery store or at work … I don’t want to wrongly assume they’re just rude and grumpy. Because maybe their minds are actually swimming deep with things they can’t fix.

Like a mom in the hospital. Or a teenager they can’t help or control. Or a dad who just walked out on the family. Or financial problems that seem insurmountable.

Oh dear God, let me be like  Jesus when I see these people.
Help me to stop working my to-do list and love.
To see their face. And give them a smile.
Help me to be kind.
Give me your eyes to see. Your ears to hear.

Let me bring peace to their turmoil. Vision to their hopelessness. And maybe even a hug.

Dear God, help me to remember people are hurting today.


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