Happy News for Oregon Shoppers


Source: NWCN News

In the past couple weeks, grocery shoppers in an Oregon town have found $100 bills stuffed into everyday food items, like eggs, cookies and candy bars, and inside shopping carts — all for the taking.

Shoppers and employees at the Fred Meyer store in Salem have found a total of $2,000.

Across town at the Wal-Mart, KGW reports that a man named Phil found 2 of the bills, and was especially grateful.

“My girlfriend is in the hospital with renal failure.” Phil said. “I’m driving to OHSU (in Portland) every day. So $20 bucks in gas each way, it’s comes at a very opportune time for me.

Jennifer Smith-Poelz found $100 in a box of ice cream.

“I just think this is the coolest thing ever,” Smith-Poelz said. “Whoever is doing this has brightened so many people’s days. I wish I had ample amounts of cash to be able to surprise people like this. I mean, it’s fabulous.”

Area store managers all said they did not know where the money was coming from, but they confirmed the bills were authentic.

Source: NWCN News


One thought on “Happy News for Oregon Shoppers

  1. This post reminds me of a quote I have on my desk by Swami Kripalu: Whatever you receive keep a portion for yourself and share a portion with others. By establishing yourself in the flow of generosity, whatever you give will come back manifold.

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