This Is My Prayer


Ann - A Friend of Jesus 2013

Hello friends (smile) God bless you for your kind and encouraging words. (cheesy smile)

Let us walk, by faith, knowing that we can give all of our things and stuff to God! Talking and complaining, to everybody, won’t change anything–just gets us worked up or fired up. (shock face)

Let it go! Put it at the foot of the cross! Continue to pray! Remember to thank God for his mercy and his grace!

By faith, choose to remain spiritual. Keep speaking His word! By faith, choose to keep moving forward. Refuse to remain stuck. Here’s the thing, God loves us unconditionally; there are no strings to his love. We stumble, He will still love us. His love never fails. He will never leave nor forsake us. All else is irrelevant. Praise The Lord! (smile)

God bless us, by faith, as You walk us through things and stuff and we meditate…

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5 thoughts on “This Is My Prayer

  1. Thank you and God bless you Olga for the reblog! Fell free to reblog any of our posts that speak to you. I have not figured out a way to put a post on your new forum 🙂 I am a member though! Let’s build that community big! Again, God bless you!!

    1. Hi Ann!

      Under the headline “Daily Inspiration Community”, you’ll see the tabs- Home, My page, Photos, Forum, Blog and Members

      When you click on Photos, Forum or Blog- you’ll be able to add a new topic by clicking on + which will be in the top right corner. Let me know if you still have issues with that.

      Look forward to your posts & inspiration 🙂

      God bless you dear


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