We are looking for talents!


Dear Friends,

 If you know you have a talent and you want to promote it

If you love God with all your heart or if you are looking for having a relationship with Him

If you believe that together we can make a difference not only in our life, but lives of others

PLEASE join us today!

Daily Inspiration Community is a great place where we can get to know each more and build strong and beautiful relationship with our Creator!

We look forward to meeting you

God loves you!

Community Accesshttp://inspirationfordailyliving.ning.com/blog





2 thoughts on “We are looking for talents!

  1. Olga, if you wish, as a trial balloon, you may “reblog” my recently posted article, “The Treasure Trove known as I John 5”. If it is accepted at the Christian Gazette by your readers and coworkers, then we can talk about a more steady submission of original pieces. I hope you enjoy it. -Daryl P.S. Is it Christian Gazette or a different publication?

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