More than Life. Dedicated to the memory of Lupita Encinias

The Author: Azulema Lobato

Our Facebook Community Member

I wanted to share a little something in memory of my beautiful little cousin who battled cancer for 3 years. May she rest in peace Lupita Encinias. 9/15/06-8/5/13.


As we all stood by a child’s bed side weeping and praying I looked up in to the sky and I saw how heavenly and divine the heavens were then I looked down as I came back to this physical world and saw this little girl taking her last breath before my eyes. And she was free now, We all stood there and not one word was said it was as if this serene peace overwhelmed everyone in the room . We all felt a sense of relief and at the same time we all knew that this little child was not suffering anymore and she was with God our father, and all the angels and saints. Lupita was in our lives for a reason she came to show us that we mustn’t be weak that we must be strong and not break.
She showed us what hope and faith truly was that day. The priest said something that I will never forget, he stated at her rosary that when life is dark and you are at your deepest darkest hour look up in to the sky when you cannot see anymore, there you will see a small twinkle, a spark, a light, that glimmer represents hope and faith. That day I realized that this world in which we live in isn’t our home at all, our home is with God. We are all here on borrowed time. God is present in each and every one of us, we must seek it deep within our hearts and live by Gods will. We must purify our hearts and our souls internally. That day we were all so blessed to see an angel return home into the kingdom of heaven. This little girl agonized and yet she stood so strong as she accepted the life that God had given her only for a little while. But she showed us how to be strong that day and each and every day, I will never forget that day.
It was as if we had witnessed a miracle that day we saw the Lords peace from within as we surrendered her because she was only here for a while to show us how amazing God is that day she taught each and every one of us in that room not to be afraid and to believe with all your heart and soul there truly is something more than life itself and that in this life we must surrender to God and give him our all so that we may be saved and return home into Gods Paradise.
Good times and bad times are part of living. It is difficult to fully appreciate joy until you have tasted sadness. Laughter is sweeter if you have experienced tears. There may be times when you feel like you’re stuck in a dry and desolate place, but an encouraging call or a hug from a friend can be an oasis; beauty in the desert. Though it may not be easy, try to remember that the trials are going to help you fully experience the joy on the horizon.
The Author: Azulema Lobato

6 thoughts on “More than Life. Dedicated to the memory of Lupita Encinias

  1. Hi Olga! I never got to thank you for reposting my blog about the homeless. The name of your blog truly fits the content and I’d like to have an attitude towards life closer to yours. Your message should be heard by all, especially about how our time on Earth is God’s time and that complete happiness, love, and peace is to be found when our reunion with God arrives. Keep posting!

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