Focus on the energy that underlies thoughts and feelings


Matara Wellbeing

bluezone-principles-movenaturallyWe are creatures of habit, both mentally and physically.  We gradually lose our innate freedom to choose from an infinite field of possibilities.  We lose the ability of novel responses to the multitude of changing circumstances, losing our rich capacity for creativity and spontaneity…

We need to be able to naturally increase our range of mental and physical movement.  This can be achieved though awareness; the ability to know what one is doing and upon effective action in one’s life.  Increased vitality is one result.  Another is the capacity to live one’s inner dreams.

We need to restore this ability to learn in a fundamental way, to recover what we have excluded and restricted in ourselves.  We need to find mental and physical movements which are flowing and balanced.

We become attached to thoughts.  Beneath the thoughts are feelings.  Beneath the feelings is energy that is either blocked or flowing…

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