A Crisis of Faith


The Observer's Voice

A Crisis of Faith

Bad things happen to good people.
Horrible, unimaginable, things.

Those experiences can either break us,
Or make us.

Often the first thing to affect us is a profound crisis of faith.
How can we operate in a world where chaos reigns,
Where prayers seemingly go unanswered,
and often, endings aren’t happily ever after.

Failure,adversity,devastation and loss
Kick our butts another rung up the ladder to the divine.
On the way up, we accumulate the experience, compassion and empathy to
Reach out our hand and pull the next person up the ladder.
I often feel like the elephant being pushed up the ladder by the Universe,
Maybe that’s just me…

I believe we CAN rebuild our foundation.
We CAN regain our faith.

It won’t be quick, and it won’t be easy.
We’ll have to dig deep, way below the surface, 
to find who we at our core.
To open the drawer…

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2 thoughts on “A Crisis of Faith

    1. I was there too… There was time in my life when I was very depressed, I didn’t see any light and every day was a struggle for me. Then I realized that my strength and serenity comes from my faith. That’s my best medicine and the source of my happiness. When I go through hard times, I always pray to God and then something happens- somehow I find the answer either through other people, through the circumstances or smth else. I noticed that prayer is very powerful, but you have to believe in it and believe that you will get better. That’s why I started the community of Daily Inspiration on Facebook because I know that faith in God is life changing… it definitely changed my life and it will change many many more lives for those who give up trying on their own and give it all to someone who is much more powerful- to God:)



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