Is Your Grace Growing Gratitude?


Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

Christians should be the most grateful people on the face of the earth. Why should they be the most thankful, you ask? They should be because gratitude is the proper response to receiving grace. Gratitude and grace come from the same Latin root, gratis. Gratitude is the response to getting something gratis, by grace. Christians have been given an endless supply of grace through Jesus Christ, and therefore should be the most thankful people on earth.

Why then, is it that it is so easy for us to remember the bad and forget to be thankful for the good that comes our way? Why is it that we are so quick to complain in frustration and anger when difficulty comes, and so slow to humbly come before God and say, “My life is Yours, I lay myself at Your Holy and righteous feet?” One reason is that we…

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