Peace, The Gift Of God


God is Good!

PeanutMany years ago I was walking along and came upon a squirrel sitting under a tree. In his little paws he held a roasted peanut and as I looked on, bit into the outer shell.  He spit out the pieces and nibbled on the peanut inside.  Unafraid of me, he sat there, a picture of contentment like a king at his table.

He didn’t know were his next peanut would come from.  That night he would sleep under the stars with no protection from the rain and the storms.  God built a system of harmony into the makeup of this tiny creature so that worries, tensions, anxieties have no place in the life of a squirrel.

As we sit down to our well stocked tables with our pantries filled with supplies for many days ahead will we experience the spirit of contentment and satisfaction?  Our homes will protect us from…

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