The importance of optimism !!!


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If everything were to be as smooth as silk, life would hold no charm. Each single day beckons us to rise and go out and labor because in each day, we see the opportunity to experience something new, we feel the energy and excitement to rise and achieve greater things, and we see the optimistic horizon beyond which lie greater dawns, higher possibilities, and prospects of a bigger and better tomorrow. Of course, life meanders through vicissitudes, stumbling blocks, pitfalls and downfalls, failures and disgrace, but then, we are sustained by hope. We repine, but we don’t submit; we lose our way, but we do not sink into unfathomable abysses; we are discouraged, but we do not stop trying. Life is like a slot machine; we put our chips in, and we either get back a sum to enjoy, or absolutely nothing, but the slot machine entices us for one…

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