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The Chariot

The word FELLOWSHIP is from the Greek word KOINONIA, which means communication, companionship, partnership, sharing together or sharing in common. It also means togetherness and oneness.

In order for a person to know another person better, there must be a fellowship between them both. And one important truth to note and always remember is that FELLOWSHIP IS VERY CONTAGIOUS; you are bound to reflect the characteristics of your partner either directly or indirectly.

As believers, we are called into fellowship togther WITH God IN Christ, and THROUGH the enabling of the Holy Ghost.

Everything we are and do as children of God, both to our heavenly Father, or to our brethren here, it is by the working of the Spirit of God in us. And how does this take place? Through fellowship with Him(the Holy Spirit).


No wonder the Apostle Paul in his second letter to the Corinthian church, encouraged…

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