Simple Questions

My Spiritual Breakfast


Author:  Mary Hall-Rayford

Destiny sat through the lesson in a huge room with many other children, puzzled. When the lesson was over, the children were escorted to an even larger room to locate their parents. After much hugging and backslapping, they were finally on their way home.

After the Justins arrived home, everyone changed their clothes and began preparing dinner.  Destiny was so quiet during dinner her father began to be concerned about his usually rambunctious little girl. Under normal conditions, no one else would be able to get any conversation in because of her constant ramblings—child gossip and questions. That is what he usually heard. He sat and watched her as she picked at her food, barely eating. Either Ruth, his wife and their son, Kyle had not noticed or they were just too grateful for a relatively normal dinner conversation to say anything. Her father determined that as soon…

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