Look for the Rainbow…

I am Alice

photo-407  On life’s journey, always look for the rainbow in every life lesson that you move through.

Life is an emotional journey, and how you feel through every experience moves you either into alignment with source or away from source. It’s extremely important that you are always tuned into how you are feeling.

When you are happy, joyful, at peace, feeling abundant and loved; you are in alignment with source and your vibrational level is high. This is where you attract into your life more of what you desire and it will manifest quickly because you are teamed up with source. You are worthy of all the abundance and blessings that you desire.

Likewise, if you make the choice to focus your attention on the things you do not want in your life, it will be difficult for you to see the rainbow as you move through the life lesson. In fact, you will find yourself…

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