The Cloud of Unknowing: When God is Nearer than you Think

After Sunday

dark cloud

“He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him – the dark rain clouds of the sky.” – Psalm 18:11

My son Josh likes to play hide and seek. The other day he pulled the covers up in bed and asked me to hide. But when he looked towards the hole, he said, “dark.”

I responded with “Yes, we hide in the dark.”

The hurting, lonely dark. We sometimes hide in the most unsafe places.

Two days later I was reading to my daughter, Annie, before bed. She pointed to a lantern and said “light.” I said, “yes, we need a light to see in the dark.”

We don’t think of darkness as a place we would find God.

Darkness comes in many forms. TRUE light comes in only ONE.

So many are sitting in the dark today. Unanswered questions and weary, knee sore soles aching with a parched…

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