The Living of Grace

After Sunday

I have this thorn in my hand. Been there for over a month. I keep thinking I need to try again – with the needle. But I don’t, and it festers up, this tiny spot on my palm.

Even this is grace: knowing our sore spots.

The Spirit needs time to bring all our thorns to the surface. So we don’t cut into our hands/souls when digging up forgiveness. For ourselves – for them. You know the ones. Causing the festering. They probably don’t even know it. How we ring our hands over that hurt, that word said, that lack of attention.

That rub in your side, where the thorn is festering…it’s where you go. To practice grace. You lean in when it hurts.

There is a fear. To self-protect. It’s natural…for our nature.

And all of Christian life is this battle, this warring, this fight to the finish.

Our sin nature…

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