Fireworks, Fear and Faith

Sincerely Sandra

When I was a child, I loved celebrating Independence Day. I loved the cookouts, picnics and parades and I especially loved the fireworks. As I got older, I began to appreciate the reason we celebrate more than the celebration itself. I loved celebrating the birth of this magnificent nation and the freedoms that I enjoy as one of it’s citizens.

As I got even older, and became a mother, the celebration itself became even less appealing to me. I began to dread the annual fireworks. As the fireworks stands went up, so did my anxiety level. I still enjoyed watching them, but I worried about the danger associated with them. I worried about the safety of my children and my home and property.

My fear has become reality a couple of times. The first, was several years ago when one of my sons was badly burned by a defective firework…

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