reside in grace. revive in love.

There's a Spirit

You are enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You are kind enough. You are enough to be loved. Don’t think that someone’s deciding otherwise is representative of your worth. You are worth loving. And a love that renders you replaceable or exchangeable is not the love God died for you to have the chance to know.

God died that you might know a whole-hearted love. A once in a life time love. A lasting love. A love that gives more than it takes. A love that never lies or slanders. A love that seeks to heal rather than abuse. A love that doesn’t look at your faults but rather rejoices in your beauty.

God put that love inside someone. And he put it inside them that they might one day find you. Don’t let someone’s altered view of affection or how you should be treated trick you…

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