There is always a chance for growth!


Wouldn’t the World be nicer if all people treated each other kindly and wouldn’t our life be overall happier if we would always feel understood and supported?

The truth is people were and are the same, no matter what time in history we live. We all have our own beliefs and stereotypes, opinions and misunderstandings. We all have ego and fear and everything else that makes us a human. And it’s ok to have it in us, because that’s how God created us to be. He gave us the ability to feel all these emotions.

What we don’t always realize is that we all help each other on Earth. By treating others the way we do, we don’t only learn a lesson ourselves, but also give that valuable gift of learning to someone else. We teach each other and help each other to grow spiritually. Now, it’s up to you to either stay bitter and hateful, or open up to God’s wisdom and learn from what life gives you.

There is no reward if we are good to those who are good to us, because there is no sacrifice in it. Our reward comes from breaking our ego and staying focused on what truly matters- LOVE.

If someone is mean to you, it’s a lesson of compassion and understanding.

If someone hurts you, it’s a lesson of forgiveness.

Whatever you face in life is for your own good. Remember that!

That’s how we grow spiritually, when we replace anger and fear with love.

So, let’s look at any conflict as a good lesson that can make us stronger and cleaner within.

Life takes care of us by always giving us a chance to be better.



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