Counting the Miracles…


Not long ago, we didn’t have electricity all day.

It would last a few seconds and then it would shut down. It would come back on and off. I wasn’t able to cook and just used snacks to get through. In the evening I asked God to give me the electricity so that I could make some food.

What was amazing is that my stove started working right after I said the prayer. The whole hour that I was cooking, I had no interruptions what so ever and right after I put the meal on the table, the electricity went out.

I smiled, looked up in the sky and said “Thank you Lord for this miracle and for giving me just enough time to cook”. I love when God does these things for me, it’s a reminder that He hears me and He is with me.

What about you?

Did you experience anything in your life when you felt God’s presence?

Can’t wait to hear your story!



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