Spread love


We all have a free will in life.

We can either react to any situation with anger and frustration or we can go another path and choose patience and forgiveness instead. It’s much easier to choose the first path, of course, but to grow in our spirit we have to choose the 2d. We can break our ego and overcome the hurt, by letting compassion heal us inside out.

We can become clean, by replacing all the darkness in us with light (the truth given by God).

The ultimate law of the Universe is love. Everything around us was made in it.

Look at the variety of plants and flowers, animals and stars in the sky. Look at the colors and fragrances filing this Earth… Everything in Nature was made in love and is love and we, humans, are a part of it.

By having a free will, we can either do harm to those around us or we can bring more happiness, by simply spreading more kindness and compassion.


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