grace overload- an understatement.

There's a Spirit

Lately in class I’ve been learning about information overload, and, let me tell you, as a twenty year old college student there are few concepts that hit home more than this one. While in class we always learn about information overload in the context of media, I’ve been finding it in new aspects of my life.

Life is like a storm. It’s forever whipping you hair with the winds of adjustment, transforming you with the pounding nature of an ever-changing life created by a million different droplet moments,  shattering the mundane and the comfortable with lightning strikes of hope and despair. It’s always giving me a run for my money. Whether in a good way or a bad way. I generally feel like I’m sprinting just to keep up with the varying events in my life. Because, honestly, it changes in an instant. In a phone call. In an acceptance…

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